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cool idea and nice art style, but I spent the whole game waiting for someone to actually have done anything bad. 
pretty much everyone in the game is just idiots, why would you send them to hell? 
it seems like the moral of the story is "all politics are dumb. if you are a nazi you are an idiot, and if you are not, you probably are too."

Interesting idea, implemented too 1-dimensionally. The problem is the framing revolves around hell, and there is no moral failing so bad that I believe warrants hell. But even ignoring that and acknowledging that it is satire, it just fell flat. 

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wow! over 10,000 downloads and $2 in organic purchases. thank you everyone for playing and supporting racial justice or equality bundlke! AND believe ME! i am enjoying the 15 cents less than the joy of seeing gamers experience our production WHICH IS A LOT! <3!


I downloaded it through that bundle, thanks for making this fun little game.

hullo! i really want to play this game but it would not open for me, and i tried to redownload it many times :( i am on windows 10 PC!!!


Hello you need to unzip some where then go into the unzipped folder and double click the ThePoliticalCompass.exe It uses free Renpy game engine so we are unable to code it to work more


i really really enjoyed the art style! pretty fun, people in the comments dont seem to be able to tell what satire is though <3


THANK YOU yes we have created the game for you and we are proud to have opened the debate about the nature of politics. Some centrists extremists have been commenting but we listen with such feedback


Its a neat concept, but dont expect it to be too detailed politically. Each character is 1-dimensional and clearly represents one issue each. On one hand, I get that its satire on the idea of a political compass, but I feel like It could say a little more. But bonus points for being a cool concept


hello and thank you we believe great art should allow the gamer to take stock and contemplate rather than psychically induce a specific message


I love this game. a bit short but for $1 USD is so good. I got it from the racial justice bundle and I love you for it. thanks for the awesome game! 


got called a centrist... will now burn your car down, great game (5/5)


Fun, but I wish it told me my more detailed political compass!


Not sure if it's working properly. I sent everybody to heaven and it called me a centrist. Then I replayed it and sent everybody to hell and it called me a centrist.


seems like it is working^^


yeh sorry ur a centrist :)


Ok cool, you could have said it was working as intended. But instead you went for an insult?

There are places in the real world where people get tortured to death for their political opinions. Generally the people that oppose that are not labelled centrists.

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The Angel of death comes down and tells you to start eviscerating people and you just do it? I don't commit atrocities just cause an authority figure said it was fine. 


Dude, you made a "political satire" that just mocks every side. If anybody here is the centrist, it's you.

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I don't mean to insult!! We love you for playing!


Part of satire is about mocking people with the same beliefs as you. No political party/side is 100% “correct” about everything. If the dev pokes fun at all sides I’d consider that a win for everyone.


I'm not arguing they shouldn't make a game like that. I'm pointing out that calling people centrists, *outside of the game* when you just made a centrist game, is hypocritical.


the algorithm is unable to determine a gamers beliefs outside of the game


why so serious? did we play the same game? lmao

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"Everyone's equally bad." and "Everyone's equally good." are centrist by definition. Not insulting you, just a bit of clarification.

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Yeah, except the game never asks you your opinions on any of these people. It just makes you choose whether to eviscerate them or not. Nothing any of them said made me feel okay with disemboweling them, but that is 100% different than thinking they're all the same.
Like, evisceration isn't just a supernatural gift. We *all* have the power to eviscerate people if we don't like what they say. Pretty sure nobody here has done that, doesn't make us all centrists.


the joke of the game is to be post ideological not like the angel who makes snap judgments on people


Yeah, and that's fine if that's the joke of the game. But then the game dev came out and agreed with the Angel, so...


you need to calm down. I think you are eviscerating on comedy developers


I mean, don't take me wrong, but the game pretty much assumes you know. one of the guys literally said poor people has nothing ahead of them and criticized homosexuals... and another was harassed by bigots. like, it's pretty explicit who these people are.


Yeah, if you don't make any moral judgments it's going to call you a centrist. What result would you have expected?


I hoppe it will become full game eventually.


thank you! with help from Buff Gaming we can make a sequel based in itchy o feedback


The art was surprisingly good. Game has character that's for sure.


i had no clue what to expect when getting this game, nor did i expect it to be funny esp considering the subject matter. it was, & definitely worth at least a dollar. the designs for some of the souls were pretty interesting too. good game :-)